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14 September 2014 @ 10:35 pm
Election time in sweden  

Today it is election day in sweden.

I'm currently watching how the % of the diffrent parties are changing and I'm so freacking angry!
As it's looking right now Sverigedemokraterna (which is a xenophobic party) will be the third biggest party. I don't understand how people who are voting for this party because they clearly racist (even if they say that they aren't).

In sweden there is almost always this thing where you don't say what you vote for, but I don't care about that, I stand for what I vote for. I vote for miljöpartiet (the environmental party), which is the party I feel represent my vocie the best.

Another thing I realized today is that this weekend it was 4 years since I adopted Leiah, and just a couple of days ago I had some visitors here. It was a lady from the animal shelter called 9 liv (9 lifes), who was talking to be about becoming a support home for a cat. So we would have a cat living here until they find it a foreverhome. Me and Filip have been talking about adopting another cat for about 2 years, but we have now said that we won't until we have a car. Right now we travel alot by train and it's hard enough to travel with one cat, two would be very difficult. But we feel that we have the time and room to take in a fostercat to help get ready for a forever home. So that's what happening here.

I'm also right now writing a big project report (summariesing a whole semesters work) that is due in 1 week. I'm really stresst not gonna lie. Don't thing it will be great but after it's handed in, I still have a chance to hand in a revised version, which is my only hope in this thing. But I will make it :)

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